Rebecca Byrd-Gilberto is a fiber artist who lives in Estes Park, Colorado.  Her passions in her life have been her children, dance, chocolate, and now fiber.  Rebecca comes from a family of artist, musicians, and scientist.  When going off to study in college she wanted to do architecture.  But. . .she decided to dance.  “Choreography and design are very similar, the total aesthetic of a dance or piece of art, all depend upon composition and technique that is used.”  Rebecca’s first opportunity to design costumes came when she was Director of Dance at Wake Forest University.  Her creative inspirations came from landmarks such as Coventry to the Southwest where they continue to inspire her today.
This year Rebecca has developed a style of collaging on material.  “Woman tend to love textures, so I wanted to have a garment that had multiple textures.  Not only will they want to feel and touch, but buy and wear.”  Rebecca’s work is a one of a kind, so if you see something you would like to order remember no two pieces are alike.